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Timothy Shipp
26 October 2018

“This programme was conceived as a comprehensive research, policy formulation, and capacity-building initiative with a number of South African partners and international partners.

The idea was that we would try to get prepared for having a government in place in South Africa that would want to listen to high-quality research . . . We wanted to try to mobilise South African researchers, South African policy makers, with some of the best international capacities in such a way that we could respond to the obvious challenges that you see in South Africa."  

- Finn Tarp

Kaya Bizz host, Gugulethu Cele, interviewed UNU-WIDER Director and SA-TIED operational programme manager, Finn Tarp, on KayaFM in South Africa. They discussed the SA-TIED programme and the role its research can play in informing development policy and practice in South Africa. Listen now.